Treat your career to a little independent thinking!
We all want a rewarding and enriching career – and that’s what we strive to offer at Signature Home Buyers. You’ll have the opportunity to think freely, to develop your skills and experience, and to work with a variety of different clients every day. We build our business on teamwork, so there are always places for you to bounce your ideas off of, and you’ll find yourself working closely with everyone on the team.

Top 10 Reasons to Join Our Team


Sales Professional Property Consultant

Full Time

Have you ever watched TV shows like Flip This House, or Flip or Flop? Well, that’s what we do!!! What they don’t show you is how they find the houses to flip. That’s what Signature Home Buyers will train you to do.

The Property Consultant position offers a generous compensation package along with administrative support to get you started. As the largest real estate investment
company in the Northeast, Signature Home Buyers set a target to purchase 100 houses this year!

Are you ready to work for a company that…

  • Is the largest and fastest growing residential investment real  estate company in the Northeast?
  • Supports their team and provides an environment that promotes independence, growth, success, and fun?
  • Are problem solvers, and helps everyone who comes into contact with us to have a Signature Experience?

If you have a current real estate license, think about joining our team to better understand the world of investment real estate. Please take the opportunity to browse our website to get to know us better and see if you’d be a good fit.

Watch Glenn as he explains more about the job:

  • Buy houses to renovate
  • List and Sell those same renovated houses, all staged vacant and looking great.
  • List & sell non-renovated homes to other investors (Wholesale or Assignments Deals)
  • Prequalify seller leads
  • Meet with sellers to discuss options for their property
  • Locate, evaluate, and close deals on properties
  • Negotiate with sellers and buyers
  • Network with other agents and locals for constant supply of leads

Repeat …


  • Strong sales skills
  • Strong negotiating skills
  • Pleasantly persistent
  • Friendly and reliable
  • Creative problem solver
  • Team player
  • Always willing to learn
  • NYS Real Estate License


  • Competitive compensation package to include a base salary paid to Property Consultant during the first 90 days of employment
  • Signature Home Buyers provides leads!
  • Signature Home Buyers teaches you how to self-generate additional leads
  • Fantastic work environment
  • Fast growing company with a plan for continuous growth and expansion

If you’re interested in joining our team, please complete the following Five Steps:

  1. Please spend some time looking over our website to get to know us and see if you think you are a good fit. Here on the Careers page, please review our Values and Mission Statement and if you agree, continue. If not, we wish you the best in your search.
  2. If you think you are a good fit, submit your resume along with an note describing WHY you would be a good fit, what experience you have that makes you the best candidate and how much do you plan to earn in your first year. Bonus Points if you submit a video application.
  3. Make the subject line of your email: “Your New Property Consultant, (Your Name)”.
  4. If we like what we see, and agree that you are a potential good fit, you will then be asked to take a DISC profile assessment (simple questionnaire to help us understand your behavioral style and how to maximize your potential).
  5. After review of your WHY, RESUME, and DISC, phone interviews will then be scheduled.

Real Estate Salesperson

Signature Home Buyers is seeking a Hungry Real Estate Agent

Have you ever watched TV shows like Flip This House, or Flip or Flop?  Well, that’s what we do.  Through our extensive marketing to find houses to buy, we inevitably receive MANY qualified leads that do not fit out criteria for flipping, but are excellent houses to list for our brokerage, Signature Premier Realty.  This job offers Very Generous Commissions and Admin Support to the person who is Hungry and a Go Getter! Being the largest Real Estate Investment Company in the Northeast has it’s advantages.  We are on target to purchase 100 houses this year!  So if you’d like to work for a fast growing company where the sky is the limit, come take a look at joining our team. Click the Apply Now button and fill in the information on the form that shows up below.

Are you ready to work for a company that …

  • is the largest and fastest growing residential real estate investment company in the Northeast?
  • supports their team and provides an environment that promotes independence, growth, success, and fun?
  • are problem solvers, and helps everyone who comes into contact with us to have a Signature Experience?
  • Meet with Sellers
  • List and Sell Houses
  • Negotiate with Sellers and Buyers
  • Repeat …
  • Strong Sales Skills
  • Strong Negotiator
  • Pleasantly Persistent
  • Friendly and Relatable
  • Creative Problem Solver
  • Team Player
  • Always Willing to Learn
  • NY Real Estate License
  • We Provide Leads!
  • We also teach you how to self-generate additional leads
  • Full Training
  • Very Generous Commission Structure
  • A Fantastic Work Environment
  • Fast Growing Company with Room for Growth

Not Sure Where You Fit?

If you aren’t sure which category you belong to, you can still reach our recruitment team by making a general application.

If an opportunity comes up that we think you’ll be suitable for, we’ll get in touch.


Signature Home Buyers Mission Statement

Signature Home Buyers is the leader in Residential Redevelopment and Real Estate Investing in the Capital Region of NY. We are a family owned business whose desire is to help local families in many ways, from buying their house, helping them buy their own investment property, or creating an amazing home for them to live in. Our company helps people in our local community who are in need of selling their real estate quickly for a variety of reasons. Working with Signature Home Buyers will provide a quality buying or selling experience like no other! Our company helps people solve their problems by purchasing their home for cash, purchasing quickly, and making the entire process simple, easy, and as enjoyable as possible. At Signature Home Buyers, we love to help people get the emotional relief they are typically seeking.

We meticulously renovate houses that may have been left vacant or unkempt, bring them back to their former glory and provide high quality homes to the next generation of families who buy or lease them from us. Signature Home Buyers is making our world a more beautiful, safer place to live, one home at a time.

Our company strengthens our community by providing countless jobs through the hiring of the many professionals, contractors, and companies involved in all of our real estate transactions. Signature Home Buyers also provides our private investors with higher than average market returns secured by real estate and the strength of our company.

The Owners believe the only way they reach their goals is to provide support and infrastructure to assist all team members in reaching their own personal and professional goals. Signature Home Buyers provides employees and team members with fair performance based wages and a very inspiring, educational, fulfilling, and fun workplace environment. Our company encourages personal growth and supports a healthy balance of work and family time. Signature Home Buyers provides a place for open and honest dialogue, where new ideas are always encouraged. We know that without our entire team, we are nothing.

In a nutshell, Signature Home Buyers strives to provide incredible value for all those who come in contact with our company and have them walk away smiling, feeling great about their Signature Experience.

Signature Home Buyers Values







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