Dee DesBois

A Secret About Myself

My guilty pleasure is watching PBS, especially Downton Abbey. I also like posting crazy cat pictures on Facebook :)

Dee DesBois

Lead Processor / Marketing Assistant

I am the Mama Hen and Keeper of the Gates. I take care the SHB crew, so they can take care of you. I am often the first point of contact, and I put our clients in touch with the person who can help them the best. There is never a dull moment around here, as things are always hopping. My SHB family even helped me buy my own home! I love that SHB is a place that I can be proud of working.

How I Play

Play for me is being with the people I love. I adore spending time with my grandchildren; Anthony, Lexie, and Jake. My faith in God is of upmost importance to me and I also enjoy spending time with people from my church. A favorite hobby is decorating and gardening. I really enjoy dinner out with friends, and my SHB family loves it when I cook and bring lunch to work.

Our Team

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Vice President

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Operations Manager

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Dee DesBois

Lead Processor / Marketing Assistant

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