Heidi DiDonato

A Secret About Myself

I’m in love with Sylvester Stallone. I love hugs, I'm addicted to tattoos, and I’m a coffee snob!

Heidi DiDonato

aka RocketDog
Acquisitions Manager

As the Acquisitions Manager for Signature Home Buyers I get the pleasure of meeting with many people that either want to buy a house from us, or sell a house to us. I love that I get to help so many people out of stressful situations by helping them get rid of houses they don't want. It's also a ton of fun to see the amazing transformations that our team does on our renovated homes. I'm all about getting the deal done and creating win-win solutions so everyone walks away happy!

How I Play

Get a little mud on the tires with my top off… My jeep that is! Kick up my cowgirl boots at a great concert! Sharing good food & laughs with family and friends. Target practice with the Hubs. Playing Barbies with my 5yr old daughter and wrestling my 13 yr old son while I can still win. Sipping wine with my girls, and it’s a really good possibility that I may have a slight shopping problem.

Our Team

Amber Schworm

Vice President

Julie Adamec

Operations Manager

Heidi DiDonato

Acquisitions Manager

Jessica Bejian

Property Consultant

Amy Kott

Property Consultant

Paul Kass

Signature Premier Realty Realtor ®

Neil Lockwood

Project Manager

Katlyn Waters

Property Coordinator

Steven Ruzzo

Signature Premier Realty REALTOR ®

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