James Williams

A Secret About Myself

I am a secret member of Beyonce's 'Bey-Hive'. Love her music. I like country music more than I like to admit. And although I love to write, I cannot stand reading. It puts me to sleep.

James Williams

Property Consultant

Everything to me revolves around family. When I meet with my clients, I do not see just a paycheck. I see someone's mother, son, daughter, grandfather. Just as I hope someone would see my family when they stop in for a service. My dad instilled in me a level of resilience, I never could have imagined. I can hear him now saying, "You can dwell over the solution or dwell over the problem." When I meet with you, I'll laugh with you, cry with you, and hug you, while we discuss the "WHY.", and once we finish that, we'll talk about how we can help you.

How I Play

My family is my sanctuary. I am always looking to get away to spend time with them. I am from a large family who can turn a Tuesday on a mid summer day into a celebration. After a long, challenging work week I look forward to my weekends. I enjoy farmer's markets and cycling. I am the starting Winger and Fullback for the Albany Bootlegger Rugby team. It is a rough and grueling sport, that leaves blood and bruises and I love it. I also play flag football. I have been a football player and fan since elementary school. When I'm not pushing my body to it's limit playing sports, I write and perform poetry. I have traveled the east coast as a performer and love being on stage.

Our Team

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James Williams

Property Consultant

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