Jessica Bejian

A Secret About Myself

I did radio for 2 years!

Jessica Bejian

Property Consultant

As the greenest one in the office I am enjoying every moment and take every opportunity I can to learn from all the amazing people here! I am really loving getting to help people out of tough situations. I feel like I am making a difference! I love to laugh until I cry, and if you can get me to laugh at myself it's even better. Also food gets my attention every time.

How I Play

I love cooking for people. It's my way to exercise my creative side, and I love seeing others enjoy my food. Driving up and down country roads listening to country music is about the happiest you'll see me. I love me some boots, trucks, guns, and whiskey but I also love to be a lady and dress up in heels every now and again.

Our Team

Amber Schworm

Vice President

Julie Adamec

Operations Manager

Heidi DiDonato

Acquisitions Manager

Jessica Bejian

Property Consultant

Amy Kott

Property Consultant

Paul Kass

Signature Premier Realty Realtor ®

Neil Lockwood

Project Manager

Katlyn Waters

Property Coordinator

Steven Ruzzo

Signature Premier Realty REALTOR ®

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