Julie Adamec

A Secret About Myself

My happy place is the beach! The sun, ocean, and sand are my favorite place to be, BUT my travels are limited due to my FEAR OF FLYING. Note to self….GET OVER IT ☺

Julie Adamec

Operations Manager

I consider myself to be a results oriented professional, guided by outstanding leadership beliefs and principals. I am an experienced and collaborative networker with a proven track record of forming, building, and leveraging successful business relationships. I am a natural team leader that utilizes a logical mindset and a strength of focus to achieve bottom line results. In the spirit of completion, I strategically approach each obstacle as an opportunity, and believe through teamwork and collaboration outstanding outcomes are achievable.

How I Play

My greatest and most fulfilling achievement in life is being the mother of my son Jonathan. I am also extremely proud of my professional accomplishments. I value a healthy work-life balance. Some of the simple things that I most enjoy are my annual vacations with family and friends, family time and traditions that carry such fond memories, and my two very fun loving dogs that have brought such joy to our family. I am also very grateful to have a wonderful “Person of Interest” or “POI” in my life ☺ who has made both Jonathan and I very happy, and has completed our family.

Our Team

Amber Schworm

Vice President

Julie Adamec

Operations Manager

Heidi DiDonato

Acquisitions Manager

Jessica Bejian

Property Consultant

Amy Kott

Property Consultant

Paul Kass

Signature Premier Realty Realtor ®

Neil Lockwood

Project Manager

Katlyn Waters

Property Coordinator

Steven Ruzzo

Signature Premier Realty REALTOR ®

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