Nash Sherchan

A Secret About Myself

As a child, I used to run away when I saw those big fat books in the library. Now, not only do I read them, but I also listen to audio books too.

Nash Sherchan

Online Marketing Specialist

I enjoy learning and implementing online marketing strategies. I come up with creative marketing ideas for Signature Home Buyers, leveraging social media platforms like Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter. Social Media is a constantly evolving arena, so it always keeps me on my toes to stay up on the latest and greatest. I also work on email marketing and have plans to explore other marketing platforms like blogging.

How I Play

I love music. I like to jam up with my friends drinking and playing guitar. I am a student of the world. I'm from Nepal, I did my higher secondary studies in India, and completed Hotel & Tourism Management in Switzerland. I did my internship in Australia. I have traveled Europe, visiting France, Germany, England, Belgium, and Holland. I also lived and worked in Tokyo, Japan.

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Nash Sherchan

Online Marketing Specialist

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