Steven Ruzzo

A Secret About Myself

I STILL have the truck I learned to drive on, and recently got it in the garage to begin the rebuilding process. 3-on-the-tree!

Steven Ruzzo

Signature Premier Realty REALTOR ®

I really enjoy working with people and sharing a laugh together. I also get a lot of gratification from getting their real estate needs accomplished promptly, whether it’s selling their home or finding one for them. I have worked in sales my entire life, but there nothing compared to real estate for the feeling of accomplishment when you know you helped somebody’s dream come true by putting them in their first home, or helping them move on to another chapter in their life.

How I Play

I’m an avid sports fan, but the softball field is where I kick up the most dust. Go Landsharks! I’m also up for a hike or a road trip anytime. For me, the outdoors is where it’s at. When it’s time to relax with a cold one, I can be found on the river’s edge with a crackling fire.

Our Team

Amber Schworm

Vice President

Julie Adamec

Operations Manager

Heidi DiDonato

Acquisitions Manager

Jessica Bejian

Property Consultant

Amy Kott

Property Consultant

Paul Kass

Signature Premier Realty Realtor ®

Neil Lockwood

Project Manager

Katlyn Waters

Property Coordinator

Steven Ruzzo

Signature Premier Realty REALTOR ®

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